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Get an Organizational “Refresh” While You Are Out

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Wouldn't you love to come home from work or travel to a wonderfully tidy and organized home? A question I often receive from clients is, “How involved do I need to be while our team is working in my home?” The truth is, we frequently work without the client being there at all! This is especially true for maintenance or Refresh organizing.

What’s a "Refresh?" The only spaces that remain perpetually, perfectly organized are the ones that are not being used functionally. In other words, it’s the spaces that are for display only that tend to stay in order. Even the most beautifully organized spaces will need to be maintained if they are being used regularly.

A Refresh is when your space has been well-organized before but needs to be returned to its original state. Your organizer returns at some point after an organizing session and resets the system. The beauty of a Refresh is that the organizing structure is already in place, and the required client involvement is typically very low.

Four Reasons to Let Your Organizer Do a Refresh

  1. We’ve seen it all and won’t judge. It can be tough to let someone through the door when your home is a bit chaotic. Believe me, we get it! We do this every day and have truly seen it all. But, know that you won’t find any judgement from our team. In my previous post, Judgement-free Organizing, I talk more in-depth about how we leave judgement at the door.

  2. We are professionals. We have organized plenty of homes and offices in a wide range of states of disarray. It’s what we do, and we’ve got this. Our skills, experience, and intuition make maintaining the organization of a space a breeze. You can even sit this one out while the magic happens!

  3. Do less organizing and still have an organized home. Would you rather do 100% of the job, or 10%? If our organizers are familiar with your home, we can typically do 90% of the refresh maintenance for you. For the other 10%, we will communicate with you for clarification.

  4. Reserve your decision-making skills for more important things. You have a million things to do in a day, and weekends often offer no respite. We get it. Do you really want to use your precious mental and physical energy for deciding where to put the unopened mail, whose closet the shoes go into, and whether a goodie bag has fun party favors or just empty candy wrappers? No, of course not! Those are decisions you can absolutely delegate to one of our organizers and reserve your precious energy for the more important things.

Do you have an area of your home that could use a Refresh? Think about taking time for yourself and letting the Element of Fun Organizing team press the reset button while you are out. Just imagine the stress rolling off your shoulders as you walk through the door to find your home is just the way you like it. Give us a call when you’re ready to get started!

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