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  • What is your organizational approach?
    The basic steps to any organizing project are the same. Sort all items into similar categories. Remove/Edit items to be donated/recycled/thrown away. Decide Actions for the remaining items (return books to library, give to Mom, send to dry cleaner, etc.). Place items that remain in the space (shelf, drawer, storage, container, etc.). Maintain space consistently. The Element of Fun Organizing approach that makes us unique is that we believe what Mary Poppins said: "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!" We bring the fun with our positive attitudes, sense of humor, determination and flexibility to roll with whatever happens. Is organizing hard work? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes! And with the proper mindset, we can always have fun while we complete a task!
  • How involved do I have to be in the process? Do I have to be there?
    In many cases, you don't have to be physically present for every step of the process. Check out the blog post, Get an Organizational “Refresh” While You Are Out to learn more!
  • What if I want to do some of the organizing on my own?
    Great! We encourage that! After your On-site Consultation, we create a project plan and an estimate for your project. We are happy to share the project plan with you and discuss the areas you feel comfortable handling on your own. Then, we'll have our team get started on the rest!
  • Why do you use a team of organizers?
    Team organizing has so many benefits. Here are just a few reasons why we use a team approach: It is exponentially more productive and efficient. In this case, 1+1 = much more than 2 in terms of outcome! “Two heads are better than one.” Teams can produce better ideas, better judgment, and are just better together. Client interaction is less interrupted. The lead organizer can be more focused on the client while the assistants are doing the hands-on work. Another set of eyes can provide a fresh take on an area. They can share a new perspective when one team member might feel stuck. Multi-person lifting can be done without client involvement. We like to do it all for you. If you cannot, should not, or don't want to lift, that's ok. The dream team is here!
  • What is a move manager?
    Moves are hard. Even just an across town move can very quickly become complicated and overwhelming. When you choose Element of Fun Organizing as your move manager, we are with you every step of the way. We help create a plan, sort out the details, fill in when you are unavailable, and make your move a success! Not only can we help with packing, Did You Know That We Can Unpack for You? This blog post explains how we can help you get set up in your new place so you can get some hard-earned rest after your move!
  • What is the difference between a mover and a professional organizer when it comes to managing my move?
    Movers are great at what they do! They pack everything (I mean everything!) quickly and efficiently and typically cost less overall than professional organizers. When you work with a team of professional organizers for packing services, however, we work with you to edit and reduce items before they go into boxes. Editing on the front end of your move when you still have energy to utilize is the best time to reduce or downsize, not when you are unpacking and totally exhausted from moving and trying to settle into your new place. Again, movers are very good at what they do, but professional organizers also use a level of intuitive thinking that movers don't always use because that's simply not their job description. Things we've seen that were packed by movers include waste bins with trash still inside, vitamins and non-perishables that have expired long before move day, and empty cardboard boxes packed inside of moving boxes. Also, movers cannot always take items like cleaning solutions, alcohol and food. Little details like this are why a professional organizing/move management team can be extremely valuable. On move day, we are your secret weapon!
  • How do you charge?
    Every project is different, and every client has their own vision and budget. So, we always start by creating a custom project plan and estimate that we discuss in detail together. Ultimately, cost will depend on the hours needed and the number of organizers required to handle to the scope of work within the timeframe you request. We believe in transparency, not financial surprises! Even after work begins, any major changes or amendments to the plan will be discussed prior to moving forward. We handle projects of every size, small and large, with budgets to match. So having a budget in mind and sharing it with us in your Introduction Call is a great place to start. Whether it's a single closet or your home and business combined, we can help!
  • How do I get started?
    Schedule an Introduction Call! It's free! We'll discuss your organizing needs, how we work and your initial questions. After this call, if you feel like we could be the right fit, we'll schedule your On-site Consultation which generates your project plan and estimate. After you review the project plan, estimate and client agreement, we'll get a project deposit and schedule your sessions!
  • Do you offer space planning?
    Yes! It is one of our premium services. Ginger has a bachelor's degree in interior design, and loves helping clients maximize their spaces with thoughtful space planning.
  • Can you help in severe hoarding situations?
    If you come to us with what may be a hoarding situation, just know that we are here to help, and never to judge. We'll either map out a project plan for our team or, if the hoarding tendencies are severe, point you in the direction of some more appropriate resources. In some instances, the best way we can help is to refer you to a highly qualified and experienced organizer that specializes in hoarding. NAPO, NABPO, and ICD all have directories where you can filter for professionals who work with individuals exhibiting hoarding behavior. With all that being said, an extremely cluttered home does not necessarily indicate a hoarding problem. We explore the topic further in the blog post, Is It Really Hoarding...Or Just Clutter?
  • Can you suggest some organizational resources (books, products, etc.)?
    Yes...absolutely! Check out this Video with the top 5 books that changed my life! As far as organizational products, there are a lot. We discuss a few in the blog post, Organizing Old Tech, Wires and Cords. For solutions specific to your own needs, don't hesitate to ask! In the meantime, enjoy these Clutter-free Gift Ideas!
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