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Residential Clients

Our homes reflect and shape our minds. Ginger’s Residential Clients are ready to make positive change in their homes. Does your home feel fun and functional? Or frustrating and frantic?

Ginger can help in these areas and more.

● Home Office and filing solutions
● Closets and Wardrobes
● Kitchens and Pantries
● Bedrooms
● Storage spaces
● Seasonal wardrobe transition
● Seasonal decorating and storage
● Regular refreshing and maintenance


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Business Clients

Do you feel overwhelmed, unmotived, and stuck in your work? Ginger provides training, solutions and systems for her Business Clients to feel accomplished at the end of the work day and passionate about the projects on their desks. Let Ginger get you and your team moving forward toward success!

● Productivity workshops and training
● Workspace organization
● Email management solutions
● Paper management
● Resource library/small inventory maintenance


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Other Services

Paper Organizing

Home Organizing

Office Organizing

Space Planning

Productivity Consulting

Group Workshops

Public Speaking

Goal Setting

Time Management


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