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Ready for Relief?

Call in the Dream Team! Ginger and the Element of Fun Organizing team is here to relieve the overwhelm in your home, move or office. 

Ginger is a Public Speaker, Move Manager, and Professional Organizer. She is a wife, mom, dog mom, business owner, and volunteer. Her mission is to help clients get organized and focused so they can become their best, highest selves. 

Ginger's interest in organization and productivity goes back to high school when she watched Peter Walsh on Clean Sweep. Ginger recalls,"The gentle but clear process he walked the show's families through just resonated so deeply with me. Peter Walsh helped them come to a healthier, more balanced way of interacting with their belongings. I knew one day I would become a Professional Organizer." 

Today, Ginger leads her team of Organizers in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas to help clients move, downsize, organize and find new levels of productivity. 

Do you need some relief? Click below to schedule a consultation!


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