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Judgement-Free Organizing

You may have heard of the Judgement Free Zone at Planet Fitness. They strive to make everyone feel welcome as they pursue their individual health goals. Similarly, our team of organizers leaves judgement at the door. We've seen it all, and whatever is going on in your space, we're there simply to help meet your organizational goals, not to judge.

Life is Messy

There is no shame in not having a perfectly organized and tidy home. The fact is, no one is completely organized 100% of the time, including us. Life involves projects, and food, and gifts, and paperwork, and dog hair, and an odd assortment of items that overflow cabinets, drawers, and forgotten corners. We get it, and we love putting it back together for you in a functional way that is easy to maintain.

We've Seen It All

We're called in to manage things that are messy, cluttered, dirty, spoiled, strange, ruined, and more. We often work in basements, garages and cobwebby attics. So, don't panic at the thought of someone digging into the depths of your disarray. Honestly, we love the challenge. The bigger the mess, the more exciting the transformation will be! Our role is not to judge the state of your home, but to listen and create solutions that work for the way you want to live.

Leave the Mess

Many people feel embarrassed and are reluctant to ask for organizing help. Whether it's a chaotic closet or a lifetime of "junk" in your attic, we understand that revealing it can be distressing. Regardless, we encourage you not to clean up before our visit. Seeing how things are used (or forgotten) gives us clues of how to best put the pieces back together.

Supporting You and Your Privacy

Don't worry about neglected areas, pungent odors, unusual collections, or anything else that is no one's concern but your own. Our focus is putting things in order, not thinking about why something exists in your home. We will respectfully support you, your family, and your lifestyle. Above all, we highly value your privacy and will keep project details in strict confidence.

If you are still nervous about how your space appears, I encourage you to take a deep breath and call us anyway. Try to remember that in nearly every case, we've seen worse, and we won't be intimidated by your trouble areas.

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