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Spring Cleaning Tips (3 of 4): Celebrate

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Spring is often associated with cleaning up and clearing out to make room for beautiful rebirth and new growth. In this series, I give you tips and tools to make your Spring Cleaning process more of a joy and less of a chore. But, of course, you are empowered to create a new beginning any time you choose!

Tip #3: Celebrate Your Wins!

Each new blossom in spring is like a tiny firework saying, "I'm here! Yay! Look at me! I did it!" Celebrate your rebirth, too.

  • High-five yourself as you work

  • Give yourself a round of applause

  • Laugh and smile

  • Share your progress with others

  • Some of these may sound silly, but who cares?

Need even more motivation: You can plan a real celebration when you’re finished. Write down how you will celebrate next to your list of priorities you created when you made your Spring Cleaning plan. As you fill in the fine details of your plan, it may resemble a contract with yourself. And, the more vividly you can paint the picture, the more likely you are to accomplish it. How will you celebrate? You could...

  • Have friends over to your home for brunch.

  • Buy yourself fresh flowers to decorate your home.

  • Light a new candle in a spring scent.

  • Do what makes you happy!

Don't want to celebrate (or tackle your Spring Cleaning) alone? The Element of Fun Organizing team will work and celebrate with you every step of the way! Give us a call to discuss the Spring Cleaning and organizing tasks you need to tackle.

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