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Sometimes More Is More

We've all heard the phrase, "Less is more." And as a Professional Organizer who has witnessed clients, friends and family drowning in too much of everything, I see and feel the value in that statement. But today I want to share how sometimes more is more.

Some situations and seasons just call for more. More effort, more planning, more containers, more tolerance, more hangers, more decor, more complexity and occasionally more stuff. I celebrate when I can simplify something or remove a step from a process to increase efficiency, but have you ever been in a situation where something gets more complex before it simplifies? Think of baking bread. There is a lot of measuring, sifting, mixing and timing that has to occur before a simple slice of bread can be savored.

What Does "More is More" Look Like?

Iris Apfel is a fashion and style maven whose eclectic style is marked by bold colors, patterns, and accessories. Her ensembles would never be described as "simple," and I'm sure it takes her longer to get ready for an event than it takes most of us. But the result is a beautiful expression of this woman's personality. Any less and it wouldn't be a full manifestation of Iris Apfel. More is more.

Currently, I'm experiencing this concept of "more is more" in my pantry. My family of 4 plus our pup moved into our 8th floor condo about 7 months ago. Before this home, we lived in a tiny 750 sq. ft. apartment, and before that we were in a house in Atlanta, Georgia, with a lot more space. When we downsized, I prepared myself for the shift in how I stocked up on things like food, personal items and cleaning supplies. A large stockpile like I used to keep wouldn't be practical in a small space. However, now that we are settling into our DC condo, and our pantry shelves are typically only 50-60% full, I'm feeling like "more is more" might serve me well.

Having more items on hand will foster several things that are important to us.

  • I can feel prepared to have impromptu guests over for a meal or coffee because I have necessary items on-hand.

  • I can have easy meal ingredients at the ready instead of eating out when I have that 5pm "What the heck am I making for dinner?" feeling. (I do generally follow a great meal plan, but I'm only human, you know? If you want more information around meal planning, let me know! It's one of my favorite systems to make my life run smoother.)

  • I can create ease in our home by providing a selection of healthy favorites for snacking any time. If the kids are hungry, no problem, no searching, just grab a snack. (This also fosters independence for my little ones! There are more benefits to that than I can list in this post.)

We do more than edit, categorize and contain.

Organizing is about creating better functionality for your household, and that can mean different things in different situations. Sometimes, simplifying actually requires adding a few things to the mix, not just tossing (or donating or selling) excess and fitting the rest into neat containers. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, the answer may be "more is more." Our team is here to help and advise, no matter what your unique space and lifestyle require. We are your partners in investigating solutions and options to make your life easier, smoother and more delightful.

If you Schedule a Consultation with the Element of Fun Organizing Team, we can evaluate what may be needed to make your home both practical and inspiring.

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