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Moving Without Losing Your Mind or Your Favorite Mug

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Moving is considered one of the most stressful life events. In my experience, many people consider it the most stressful.

Because of the nature of moves, it’s often in conjunction with or related to other top stressors such as starting a new job, having children, or going through a divorce.

Some elements of a move are enough to drive you crazy.

Here are some tips from a professional on moving without losing your mind or your favorite mug.

1. Think about the lifestyle you want

Moving is a perfect opportunity to curate the lifestyle you want. It’s like hitting a reset button.

Think about how you live in your home now, and how you would like it to be. Are your closets crammed and drawers impossible to close? Is every surface covered with knick-knacks and clutter? Imagine your new home with breathing room and clear countertops. It’s possible to make big changes, but you must be intentional.

How about your health and wellness? In your current home, is the TV always on? Do you spend more time as a lump on the sofa than active? Perhaps think about putting your TV in an inconvenient place in your new home like a guest room or an office or covered with a panel or media center. Do research on nearby walking trails, parks, and fitness centers you would like to frequent after your move.

Haven’t had friends over in a long time? What can you do to set up your new home for entertaining occasionally?

Whatever lifestyle change you want to design, now is the time to start thinking about it!

Let this be your motivator for the decisions and work to come.

2. Start early

The sooner you can start strategizing and taking action on your move, the better.

Now, I’m not saying you should pack your home up and live out of boxes for 6 months until you move. I am saying you can start thinking, making easy decisions, talking to professionals and doing administrative tasks long before your move date.

You can pack unessential or out-of-season items into boxes.

You can start the decluttering process long before you move, which leads to my next point.

3. Declutter before you move.

In my experience as a professional, clients who are serious about decluttering and downsizing before their move day are significantly more satisfied with the final results in their new home than clients who want to declutter after the move. I’ve observed 3 main reasons for this:

1. You have more energy for decluttering work on the front end of the move process. Even a perfectly smooth move day requires a lot of energy, and it’s far too easy to say, “I’m exhausted. I’ll declutter this stuff later.”

2. You save time and money because you are not packing, moving, and unpacking items you do not intend to keep.

3. You delay gratification which has all kinds of positive benefits.

4. Stay organized

Keep a single folder or 3-ring binder that will hold all your important documents, notes and information about your move. Use paper clips or tabs to make important sections like Lease Papers, Moving Contract, Notes, Tasks List, and Expenses (because they are sometimes a tax write off and also to keep you on budget.)

Create a folder or label in your email inbox for collecting communications related to your move.

Put important dates on your calendar and block off time for decluttering, packing, and resting.

5. Label every box you pack. EVERY. SINGLE. BOX.

Reduce the mystery of what is going into and coming out of a box by labeling every box with a general description of which room it is going to in your new place and what is packed in the box.

6. Bring in a professional.

Overwhelmed? Call in a Professional for help. Move Managers, Professional Organizers, and Professional Movers take the load off your shoulders and work with you.

The Element of Fun Organizing team is here to relieve the overwhelm of your move, and ensure your favorite mug makes it to your new kitchen safe and sound.

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