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Making Room to Play in the Playroom

Playrooms and "toy takeover" in the home are some of the most common calls we receive at Element of Fun Organizing, and we love these spaces! Many of our organizers either have children or backgrounds working with children. So, we fully believe in the power of an organized space and how it benefits children as well as the grown-ups in their lives. Just imagine having an organized and maintainable space for your kids to create, play, and enjoy!

Playroom Organizing Tips

If you're ready to tackle your own playroom project, we have a few tips and product suggestions to get you started.

  1. Gotta Keep 'em Separated

Buying one or two very large bins that hold all your kids' toys in one place can be tempting, but it's really not ideal. While they may seem like a practical solution, the issue arrives when little Johnny wants that tiny firetruck at the bottom of the bin. Out comes e v e r y t h i n g!

A better approach is to separate toys into smaller categories that can be played with and cleaned up a little at a time. And, by choosing versatile storage products for toy containment, their uses can change as your household needs change.

One of my favorite products for separating and storing toys is the Ikea Trofast. These storage units are great for kids because the sliding bins make play and clean-up easy. They're not too large, so the mess that comes out of each one is limited, and the effort needed to clean up is much less overwhelming.

The Kallax is another storage system that provides some of the same benefits as the bins mentioned above. Plus, you can personalize these with whatever style of insert or box you prefer.

Categorizing by cubbies or cube bins is a breeze, and they're a great way to keep the play space tidy. If the Ikea products don't fit your style, there are plenty of similar items to choose from.

We use these clear, lidded containers on almost every project, especially in playrooms. They are very affordable, come in a variety of sizes, and stack nicely. The clear material makes it easy for kiddos and grown-ups to see what's inside.

Similar to the clear storage containers, these multi-purpose bins are an excellent alternative with open tops. They are just the right size for construction paper, activity books, other crafting supplies, and more.

2. Keep the System at Kid-Level

Many times, parents will want to make use of tall bookcases, tops of closets, or a storage product that will optimize vertical space. With most spaces, this is smart. In a child's space, however, it's important to keep the storage solutions low and kid-scaled. Even if the only option is under-bed bins, keeping the storage low will engage the child's interest, allow them to help with maintaining and tidying the space, and keep them from literally climbing up the walls to get to their toys.

If you must use higher shelves for toys, I suggest storing them in opaque containers. You don't want your little ones to be tempted by being able to see into the bins on the higher shelves. Then, use clear or translucent containers at their level for items that are accessed more regularly. And, of course, any tall storage solutions should always be appropriately and securely anchored to the walls...just in case!

3. Keep the Room Kid-Scaled and Kid-Oriented

The play space is about the kids, right? So, you want everything in the room to be kid-scaled and kid-oriented as much as possible. This means having furniture that is their size or adjustable. Since kids play on the floor, you want flooring or a rug that will be cozy to play on, too.

The amount of stuff and mess kids can get into should be appropriate for their age and ability to manage. If you expect your kids to clean up after they are finished with play, you probably cannot give them access to a huge quantity of toys. A little person won't fare well attempting to clean up an overwhelming amount of stuff. But we can expect them, with help and coaching, to clean up a potion of it.

I encourage parents to create a toy library where categories of toys can be swapped out regularly, making them "new" and exciting again. This also means only a limited amount of toys are accessible at a time which helps avoid a massive clean-up process.

As far as kid-sized furniture goes, I love KidKraft's table and chair set. Here are my kids sitting at ours. We've had it for 5 years now, and it still looks like new. We've used it for art, homework, messy play like clay and oobleck, dining, fort name it!

Play Is a Child's Work

It's great for kids to have a work surface that is their size or one that can grow with them. Think about it this way... Play is a child's work. Imagine if you worked at a desk that was far too large for you. It would feel uncomfortable, right? The same goes for children. Putting the toys at their level and in a play area designed for them will help them feel good in their own special space and allow their creativity to flow.

Get Help From the Organizing Experts

Are toys taking over your home? Do you feel like your playroom needs an organizing overhaul? We find that when kids have an organized space stocked with appropriate toys, they play longer and go deeper into play and exploring.

If you want help from the experts at Element of Fun Organizing, Contact Us today!

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