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How We Organize Your Space

Just as there is more than one way to fry an egg, there is more than one way to organize a space. So, we are often asked, "How does your process work”? Let’s talk about that!

While there are some overarching organizing concepts that we bring to every project, the spaces we organize are as unique as the individual people using them. So, we approach each one as an opportunity to improve the function and feel of the space according to the lifestyle and aesthetic vision of that client.

To make sure we understand (and hopefully exceed) expectations, we follow a five-step process.

Step 1 – Information Gathering: We start with information-gathering during a Complimentary Introduction Call. Whether you are referred by a friend or found us in a search, we always want to start by learning more about you and your project so we can determine if Element of Fun Organizing is the right fit up front. During a video call with me, we’ll discuss your project, timeline, budget, and more. I encourage you not to be shy about the messy details! It’s a judgement-free zone, and we love to hear all about how you got to where you are as well as all your aspirational ideas of where you would like to be.

Step 2 – On-Site Consultation: Our Signature On-site Consultation builds on the Complimentary Introduction Call. I will come to your home or business and walk through the chaos with you. I’ll be asking questions, taking photos, and checking measurements along the way. Remember, don't tidy up for the organizer…we want to see it all! This is also when we review more details about how we work together, including policies and expectations.

Step 3 – Review of Objectives and Estimate: We want to make sure our work is aligned with the goals of your project. So, in this step, we provide a Project Objectives document that describes what success would look like when the organizing is complete. You also receive a project estimate to review and approve. Once we receive your project deposit, we can typically start to schedule your organizers right away!

Step 4 – Project Execution: At this point, the team is ready to come in and make the organizing magic happen! Working toward the project objectives, we categorize, edit, and organize. You or another decision-maker may be with us during the entire process or only a portion, but almost certainly some decisions will need to be made. We're here to guide you through that process and facilitate the changes that follow. We are the hands and feet of the work while you are the brain power.

Step 5 – Wrap-Up: We never just do the work and go home. An important part of the process is the wrap-up when we review the systems we’ve set up, go over maintenance, and get your feedback.  Organizing isn't typically set it and forget it, so we're here to help you stay organized as your life expands and changes, too. In fact, we offer periodic refresh services to help you reset your space throughout the year!

Working with an organizer can feel a bit uncomfortable at first. That’s why we make every effort to be transparent, get to know you before we start, and communicate throughout the entire project. We’ll walk you through the steps and make sure you are part of the process. And, remember, you won’t get any judgment from us!

The process outlined above is the way we approach our On-Site Services. If you’d rather do the work yourself with virtual support from our team, you may be interested in our Virtual Organizing sessions. Either way, we’re here to help you conquer the clutter!

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