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How Gratitude Helps Your Declutter

Decluttering almost always takes more mental energy than physical energy. So, it’s helpful to get your mind in the right space before tackling the chaos. In preparation for the task ahead, try focusing on a motivational word or concept. For instance, feeling and expressing “gratitude” can be particularly centering.

Appreciate What You Have

Gratitude involves pausing to notice and appreciate what we may take for granted. Reflect on the present moment and be thankful for what you have right now, even if it’s not new, fancy, or on the shelf where it belongs.

Having a consciously appreciative mindset is a way to temper the impulses to bring more unneeded items into your home. It’s not wrong to want or buy new things but taking a mental break from those desires can help you turn your attention to other goals and aspirations while being thankful.

Let Go of Guilt

Have you ever uncovered an unused or unwanted gift tucked away in a closet or a drawer? The guilt that put it there and the guilt that keeps it there are powerful enemies of the decluttering process. You might feel guilty that you don’t want it, guilty that it’s taking up space, or guilty that you didn’t give it away to someone who could use it. Embracing gratitude can dissolve the guilt.

An unwanted gift is a lesson in appreciating the gift as an act of love, or the giver as a generous friend. Once the love is felt or the gift is received, however, the item does not have to remain in your possession forever. Letting go of unwanted gifts while feeling grateful can free your mind and the physical space the gift occupied.

Combat Buyer's Remorse

If you are an impulse buyer then you are probably familiar with buyer’s remorse, but everyone experiences it at some point. It can happen when your priorities shift, finances are examined more closely, or the item is literally seen in a different light. When you make a purchase and ultimately regret the decision, it’s an indicator that the purchase did not align with your values or desires.

Combat buyer’s remorse with gratitude. An ill-chosen purchase is a lesson in self-reflection. Be grateful that you now know to avoid that type of purchase next time, and if you kept the receipt, try to make a return!

Develop an Abundance Mindset

Fear is probably the biggest accumulator of clutter. How often have you kept an item because you thought, “I might need it one day”? Gratitude can help you foster an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset. You’ll be able to appreciate what you have now instead of impulsively or habitually accumulating more. This helps reduce the inflow of new items as you are decluttering. It’s like finally turning off the tap because you realize the sink is full.

We’ve all been through difficult times at some point in our lives, but here we are. In one way or another, you had everything you needed internally or externally to navigate that storm. Gratitude allows us to believe that we have everything we need now, and if there is anything we need in the future, we will be able to find it.

Need more inspiration to declutter and get organized? Our team can help! Schedule a Consultation and we’ll load you up with all the tools and direction you need.

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