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Client Project: Reclaiming the Guest Room

If you’re fortunate enough to have a guest room, then you know they tend to serve a multitude of purposes between guests. In the case of our recent client, their spare room was used as a kitchen and catch-all area while renovations were taking place in the rest of the house. But when the work was done, the family needed a little help to get everything resituated and functional again!

Renovation Hide-Out

While the main floor was under renovation, the family of three had to relocate to a different part of the house. The kitchen was part of the renovation, so they decided to set up an economy kitchen in the guest bedroom in the basement…along with a few other things! They stocked the room with all the essentials to get them through a few weeks.


Guest Room Clean-out

When the renovations were complete, however, they needed to clear out the makeshift kitchen/storage area. So, they reached out to The Element of Fun Organizing team to help them reclaim the guest room in their post-renovation home. Our job was to empty the space so a daybed could be moved into the room for guests.

How did we do?


Managing the Clutter Magnets Guest rooms aren’t the only multipurpose spaces in our homes. There are closets, garages, and basements that also tend to collect rarely used items. It’s great to have those spots to house things temporarily, but the trick is to keep them moving so you don’t end up with cluttered and unusable space.

Where Do You Need to Make Space? Whether it’s a guest room, hidden nook, or dining room table, any open space can quickly become a convenient storage area for things that don’t fit anywhere else. Do you have a space that needs some long-overdue attention? We’d love to help you reclaim it. Just book a Complimentary Introduction Call to get started!

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