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How and When to Give the Gift of Organizing

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Does someone in your life want help getting organized? Did you know that you can gift our services? It’s the ultimate clutter-free gift idea! If offered in the right way to the right person, it can be both meaningful and, perhaps, even life-changing for them. But before you jump on board, be sure you go about it in the best way possible, so your gift is appreciated rather than resented. Here are some recommended do's and don'ts for gifting an Element of Fun Organizing package.

Make Sure They Want Help While our team believes everyone's lives and spaces are improved with more organization, we also know that not everyone agrees. Some people like the mess. Some people believe they thrive in chaos. Some people are just not ready for change. So, before you gift our services, make sure it's what the recipient wants, not just what you want for them.

Don't… completely surprise the recipient.

Do… confirm they would like help from a professional with getting organized.

Confirm That They Are Ready for Help Sometimes, even when we want help, we may not be ready for a team of professionals to come in and completely organize or unpack our space. Organizing can be a very personal and sometimes difficult process, and you want to be sure the recipient of your gift is ready to start this work.

Don't… give organizing services because you think they need it.

Do… give organizing services because they want it and are ready for help.

Here's How It Works So, you've read through the do's and don'ts. You've confirmed the recipient would love to have help from the Element of Fun Organizing team, and you're ready to purchase. Simply Contact Us and we’ll walk you through the options. You can give by service type, number of sessions, or a certain dollar amount to use as they choose. It’s good for a full year, plus an ongoing project can be extended by you or the recipient, if needed. Happy gifting!

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