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Happy World Organizing Day

Updated: May 18, 2022

One of my favorite moments at NAPO's 2022 Conference was the announcement of World Organizing Day on May 20! Thanks to the dedication and efforts of multiple worldwide associations, there is a day set aside for the education and celebration of organizing and productivity.

According to the NAPO announcements,

"This designated day aims to increase public awareness of the benefits of getting organized. It highlights the work of organizing and productivity professionals who enrich the personal and professional lives of their clients."

In celebration of the very first World Organizing Day on May 20, I'm giving you 20 organizing ideas that should take less than 20 minutes. So set a timer and pick a mini-project for World Organizing Day!

  1. Organize 1 drawer in your kitchen.

  2. Organize 1 shelf in your pantry.

  3. Organize 1 file in your paper files.

  4. Organize your pet supplies.

  5. Organize 1 shelf in your kid's room or playroom.

  6. Organize your handbag or briefcase.

  7. Organize your schedule for this week.

  8. Organize 1 shelf of your refrigerator.

  9. Organize your bedside table.

  10. Organize your medicine cabinet.

  11. Organize your vehicle's glove compartment.

  12. Organize your wallet.

  13. Organize your meal plan for the upcoming week.

  14. Organize your laundry supplies.

  15. Organize your party supplies.

  16. Organize 1 shelf in your linen closet.

  17. Organize your lightbulbs and batteries.

  18. Organize your first aid kit.

  19. Organize your babysitter/petsitter/housesitter information page.

  20. Organize your sock drawer.

There you have it! 20 organizing ideas that will take you less than 20 minutes. Which one will you choose for World Organizing Day?

Feeling overwhelmed, like maybe you need to do all 20 mini-projects? The Element of Fun Organizing team is here to help! Schedule a free 15 minute introduction call, so we can get you on the road to relief.

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