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Getting Organized Myths Debunked (4 of 4): "I've Failed Before and I Will Fail Again."

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

In this series of posts, I'm debunking 4 common myths people and businesses tell themselves about getting organized. Find the other posts in this series here.

Myth #4

I'm not focused/smart/disciplined/have enough time to get organized.

When I hear my clients claim this myth, it breaks my heart. Because what I hear is, "I want to be organized, but I've failed in the past and I don't have the confidence to try again."

As I described in the first post in this series, organizing is a skill we learn, not a natural ability. I consider it my superpower, but I've organized for as long as I can remember and had lots and lots of practice. It is a skill I was taught and enjoyed as a child.

If you have practiced disorganization (living with clutter, avoiding decisions, resisting routines) that is what will come naturally to you. And it takes time and commitment to turn that ship around.

Give yourself all the grace necessary and another chance to try. A Professional Organizer can help.

My next series will be on starting small. I'll walk you through 3 mini projects you can do to start organizing. If you believe our 4th myth, I hope you will check it out and give one mini project a try.

Do you have an organizing project that needs attention now?

Do you need big change in your space or systems? Contact me to get started!

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