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Getting Organized Myths Debunked (1 of 4): "I Can't Organize!"

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

In this series of posts, I'm debunking 4 common myths people and businesses tell themselves about getting organized. Find other posts in this series here.

Myth #1

I'm not good at organizing. I can't organize.

This is a common limiting belief, but what most of my clients don't recognize or acknowledge is organizing is a skill. And like any skills, organizing can be learned. Have you ever stopped to think about organization skills you use every day?

Can you count? This is organizing numbers.

Can you read? Reading is organizing letters into word into sentences.

Do you keep a personal or business budget? That is organizing money.

When a client tells me they "just can't organize to save their life," I like to ask them...

Do you have a silverware drawer?

Are the spoons with spoons, forks with forks, and knives with knives?

Do you put your socks or magazines or dryer sheets in there?

No, because it is designated and designed for silverware. This is organizing. If you can set up and use a silverware drawer, you can organize!

Want to learn more? Contact me to get started!

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