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Get Help with Holiday Setup and Takedown

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Creating a warm and welcoming environment tastefully adorned for the holidays can be fun; but, let’s face it, it’s a lot of work. One colleague of mine put is well when she said,

"I love when holiday decorations go up, and I also love when the decorations come down!"

I can relate!

The Element of Fun Organizing team can take on the chore of your holiday setup and takedown, so you can focus on relaxing and celebrating. Our team is eager to relieve your stress!


There are several ways we can help when it comes to prepping your home for the winter holidays. Along with pulling out all the holiday-themed décor, we can assemble, rearrange, and stage things just right. We can declutter and tidy up your kitchen and living spaces, make room in your coat closet for guests’ jackets, and clear the dining room table for the big dinner spread!

In addition to our regular decluttering and organizing services, you can request the following:

  • General tidying or refresh (especially the kitchen)

  • Guest Room prep

  • Rearranging to make space for candles, gifts, a tree, and other special decorations.

  • Decorating (including the tree)

*Don’t hesitate to ask about services not listed. We handle special requests all the time.


It’s common to procrastinate when it comes to taking down the decorations after a festive season. You don’t want them staying up until Valentine’s Day, but the job can be daunting. You probably wonder how you will keep the lights from getting tangled, the wreaths from shedding everywhere, and the ornaments from getting crushed. You’ll likely ask yourself, “Where is it all going to go and how will I find the energy to do it?”

If the thought of putting everything away after the holidays makes you feel overwhelmed, we can relieve the stress with these specialized services:

  • Holiday décor take down and packing

  • Holiday décor container solutions

  • Organizing storage spaces

Winter is a busy season for the Element of Fun Organizing Team, but helping clients decorate and un-decorate are some of our favorite projects. So, if you’re hosting for the holidays, but don’t quite feel guest-ready or worry about packing it all up later, consider gifting yourself (or someone else) with an organizing session. Be sure to book early, as our schedule fills up quickly, especially in the first few weeks of the New Year!

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