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Finding a Destination for Your Clutter

We all have a corner where we stash items that might be useful one day. It could be glass jars, books, linens, school supplies, cardboard boxes, or just about anything. This corner may also collect items that we just don’t know what to do with like partially used art supplies or hair care products that just didn’t work for you. When vision becomes untouched clutter, I encourage you to reclaim your space. Thankfully, there are online apps and groups on Facebook that are filled with people who can reuse or repurpose the things you no longer need.

There are numerous places to give away or sell your items, but nothing gets them out of the house faster than offering them for free. Buy Nothing groups, Craigslist, and Free Cycle have become extremely popular in neighborhoods all over the country. One thing that is special about Buy Nothing is that their primary purpose is community building, and you’re only dealing with verified neighbors. There’s no “poverty qualification” or explanation needed. If you want it, you ask for it. If you have it, you offer it. It provides a way to get to know your neighbors by sharing our cumulative abundance while reducing waste and, of course, clutter.

Think about it. How many times have you gone on an organizing spree, only to run out of time and energy to deal with the leftovers? You may have boxes to recycle, clothes to take to a thrift store, a chair destined for the curb, shelf-stable food to drop off at a pantry, and an exercise bike you can’t move without another person and a bigger vehicle. As you consider a less-than-exciting day of running those errands, it’s not unusual that the items simply get tucked away to deal with later. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just came and got them?

Good intentions can easily get derailed when you feel overwhelmed. I often run into the task of finding a new home for unwanted items after an organizing session with a client. It’s those last few items after a long day that can cause the most stress. It’s important, however, to act quickly and decisively so you get the satisfaction of achieving your goal; plus, you keep clutter from getting rebuilt. Pick a destination for those remaining items and get them out the door. Buy Nothing requires minimal effort and the turnaround time can be quick. If you are going to sell the items, put that plan in action immediately or they could end up back in the closet.

The next time you pass an item resting pointlessly on a chair, hiding in a closet, or taking up space on a shelf, try posting a picture on Buy Nothing or another site designed for the free exchange of goods and see if someone else can put it to good use. They may be thrilled to have that dusty stack of magazines that permanently occupies an end table in your living room. You’ll get the joy of giving in addition to the joy of an orderly home!

Interested in offering your items on a community site like Buy Nothing, but not quite sure where to start? The Element of Fun Organizing team can help! We reduce the overwhelm in decluttering so that you can feel peaceful in your home.

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