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Final Touches That Make Guests Feel Special

We covered some basic ways to make guests feel at home in the Give Your Guests a Hotel Experience post, but there’s even more you can do to enhance their experience. When your life is organized, you may find that you have the bandwidth to go the extra mile, let your creativity shine, and add special touches to your home for guests to enjoy. That additional effort will let them know just how much you care about them and their comfort. Let’s explore a few ideas used in the luxury hospitality industry that can make your guests feel special and put a smile on their face!

Fresh Beverages Available All Day In the Embassy Suites hotel chain, they serve fresh fruit-infused water all day in the hotel lobby. Not only is it a refreshing treat after a long day of travel or sightseeing, but it is also a treat for the eyes. Consider having a small pitcher, carafe or dispenser of fruit-infused water or another beverage like lemonade or sweet tea available to your guests in the kitchen.

Coffee Station Many hotels offer coffee in the lobby. With a little space and very little preparation, you can offer your guests a lovely coffee station in your kitchen. Prep the coffee the night before in the machine. If you have a timer on the machine, set it to brew just before everyone wakes. Set out clean coffee mugs, spoons, sweeteners, and creamers (the next morning if refrigeration is necessary). You can use a sugar and cream set or individual servings. If you know your guest drinks tea, have a few tea options and hot water ready as well.

Fancy Toilet Paper Designs When I had a housekeeper, one of my favorite details was that she always folded over the edge of the toilet paper. I know…it doesn't take much to excite me. But it really was a delight to see. Here is a quick video of my daughter teaching you to make your toilet paper a tiny bit fancier.

Towel Animals My husband and I took a Carnival Cruise for our honeymoon, and every day the wonderful cruise staff would leave adorable towel creations for us. If you have young guests, or guests who are young at heart, they might enjoy being greeted by a towel creature! Or, you can make pocket or fan folded towels that can add a splash of luxury to their stay.

Want to make a towel animal? Check out these tutorials on the Goza Towels website!

Favorite Treats Have you ever stayed at a hotel that did "turn down service?" They come in, fluff your pillows, turn down your sheets and leave a chocolate or mint for you. Heavenly! Imagine doing this or something similar for your guests. How delightful! You may even want to stock your fridge or pantry with a few foods that you know they love. If your guest has a food allergy, they will feel especially cared for if these treats are free of common allergens.

Arrange Flowers or Light a Candle Displaying a bouquet of your guest’s favorite flowers or burning a candle in their preferred scent is a way to show them you were thinking of them. Send the bouquet or candle home with them when they depart.

You certainly don’t have to do any of these things to be a good host, especially if it's not your style. But if you do want to add a little special magic to their stay, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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