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Embracing Empty Space

Picture the seemingly endless glory of the desert, the mountains, rolling farmland, or the breezy shoreline. The openness frees the mind and allows us to relax and enjoy their beauty. It’s no wonder many of us choose these destinations when we need to unwind. Wouldn’t it make sense then that we’d incorporate open space into our homes?

Oddly, the first thing people do when they move into a new home is fill the space. An empty room gets donned with furniture, pictures, carpets, plants, and knickknacks to cozy it up. Soon, drawers, cabinets, and closets also get filled with everything a person could possibly need. The discomfort of the blank walls and floor space is replaced with an endless sea of possessions.

Do you see the irony?

Why is it that we feel the need to fill our homes to the brim, only to crave wide-open spaces? Let me reassure you that it is okay to leave some empty space in your home. In fact, it’s healthy. You don’t have to go full minimalist; but, leaving a little room to move and grow can be good.

So, without going down the path of exploring what “sparks joy” and tossing the rest, let’s look at this practically.

Benefits of Keeping Some Empty Space

  • Your home will look and feel bigger.

  • Open space on shelves and surfaces makes cleaning a lot easier.

  • Curating your wall decor allows you to show off your favorite pieces.

  • Keeping only the clothes you wear regularly makes it possible to find them without digging through stuffed drawers and closets.

  • Open counter space in the kitchen gives you room to cook.

  • An uncrowded couch lets you stretch out and maybe even offer a cushion to another soul in need of rest. Do you really need all those pillows?

  • When kitchen cabinets aren’t filled to the brim, you can unload the entire dishwasher!

  • Drawers won’t get stuck open or closed because they’ve reached capacity.

  • You’ll be able to find a good book to read if your bookshelf isn’t two rows deep with leftover books crammed in on top.

  • You could have your choice of rooms for your morning exercise routine if there weren’t so many things to bump into.

  • You’ll be able to find your keys without rummaging through the clutter when it’s time to go to work.

  • Most importantly, your mind will be free as you can easily access and enjoy all of your favorite things!

Want more wide-open spaces in your home or office? Schedule a Consultation with Element of Fun Organizing and we'll help you make a plan to get it done!

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