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Client Kitchen Unpack Project

Moving is one thing, but getting settled into a new place is another. It can be complicated…and exhausting, especially after all the work you did to get there. While we love to support you through your entire move, we often have clients who call us in at the end to just unpack and organize. We understand that the idea of a blank slate may feel more intimidating than inspiring to some. But, for us, it's time to make the magic happen! Our team of organizers navigates new home puzzles like this for our clients all the time.

This amazing Element of Fun Organizing client called our team to come unpack and organize specific areas including the kitchen. We conducted an on-site consultation at the new home weeks before move day so we would arrive prepared with products, tools and a plan.

We unpacked all the boxes, removing all the cardboard and packing supplies, and set up the kitchen so it is both fabulous and functional. We took into account details like putting more aesthetic items on the open shelves and behind the glass cabinets, creating cooking and baking zones, and making sure the frequently used items were easily accessible. We also created a coffee station and a knockout pantry with room to grow to support this family for years to come.

But with every new home, there will be changes and challenges. Here are a couple of the most common challenges that can make organizing your new home difficult and how I approach them.

How to Handle Too Much Space

If you’ve finally got the luxury of a larger kitchen, you may end up feeling a bit "lost in space." There are so many drawers, cabinets and shelves, plus the additional counterspace to work with. It’s great, but what should go where?

I always start by thinking functionally. I analyze your space by zones and tasks like the typical work triangle, loading/unloading the dishwasher, and getting your morning cup of coffee without having to do laps around the kitchen. Of course, aesthetics are always part of the equation too. If you have glass cabinet doors, you want the contents to be visually appealing and not full of cleaning supplies. We work with you to understand what systems will make the most sense for your needs.

Oh No...The Closet is Too Small!

On the other hand, if your awesome new place has a closet that is smaller than your current one, you may be stuck trying to figure out how everything can possibly fit. Will you reduce your wardrobe? Buy an armoire? Or maybe you can just cram it all into the smaller closet...somehow...maybe?

These decisions are hard, but again, I go back to practicality. Your storage solutions should serve you, not the other way around. It may take little creativity and organizational wizardry, but even the most limited closet space can be purposeful. Remember, your new place doesn’t have to be organized the same way as your old one. Don’t give up until everything has a home.

Kitchen Project

Here are some additional snapshots of the kitchen unpack project. The team really knocked it out of the park. Most importantly, our client was thrilled!

If you're moving soon, and you're curious about how the Element of Fun Organizing team can help you settle into your new home, let's chat! Schedule an Intro Call to learn more!

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