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Client Garage Project - Before and After

It's fairly common for a garage to become a "dumping ground" for an assortment of stuff that either doesn't belong in your main living space or simply doesn't fit. As you can imagine, that can leave these spaces packed with a hodgepodge heap of outdoor equipment, bulk item overflow, chemicals, toys, sports equipment, tools, etc. It quickly fills up and the items you need can be hard to get to or even dangerous to dig out. And, well, there's also that fact that your car may no longer fit in there as intended!

The Project

One of our clients hired us to create more space in their garage and make everything easily accessible. It's a large family that uses their garage for storage, sports, a wood shop and more! Our team was able to help them make the most of this space, creating a functional system with room to move, breathe, and access their items with ease!


Nothing was easily accessible in this garage. The piles were a jumble of categories, and even the stairs to the house were hazardous to access. The cabinets on the back wall provided plenty of storage space, but there was no clear plan as to how it was filled up.

*Remember, we never judge the condition of someone's home. No one starts out knowing everything they will ever own. So, when storage spaces fill up, it's a great time to reevaluate and get organized, not to beat yourself up for the inevitable mounting of clutter.


After our team worked their magic, these fabulous storage cabinets are now all organized and able to be opened. The yard equipment is easily accessed, and check out that power tool charging station in front of the window! All the cords and battery cradles are all in one place.


On the other side of the garage, the kids can now get to their bikes. Plus, all the household, car care, and pet products are categorized and clearly visible.

I'm sharing this real-world view of our work so you can see that even when you have a lot of stuff, a good organizational system keeps it cleaner, more functional, and safer to access. Got a project you want us to look at?

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