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Applying Your Personal Brand

In the previous post, Creating Your Personal Brand, we talked about curating a brand for yourself that reaches beyond a professional image. Did you know that you can actually apply that brand to every aspect of your life? You just need to determine how the various brand elements that scream (or whisper) YOU fit into different contexts. When that's done, you’ll be able to consult it when making new purchases, use it as a guide for editing and organizing projects, and lean on it when deciding everything from what to eat to how you want to structure your day. Let’s look at the process!

Defining Your Brand Elements

First, you have to sift through your life, category by category. We’ve created a quick breakdown below that should help you get started. Think about what's most important to you and make some notes. Don’t worry! You don’t have to have everything defined up-front. Just work through the items one by one until you’ve determined what best represents you. The goal is that who you are will be apparent no matter which lens one is looking through!


Physical Items

When it comes to the most visible things in your life, what do you want them to say about you? Decide if you want to be perceived as all-natural, environmentally conscious, super-practical, always elegant, festive, relaxed, whimsical, highly discerning, or something else.

  • Wardrobe

  • Furniture and Decorative Accessories

  • Vehicle

  • Personal Hygiene Products and Routines

  • Tools and Supplies



You can shine a light on your excellent taste through your aesthetic choices. Put some thought into whether your style is modern, classic, bold, avant-garde, minimalist, romantic, practical, understated, artsy, academic, or some combination that is uniquely you.

  • Space Planning

  • Accessorizing

  • Color Schemes

  • Ambiance

  • Scent



Some things that are on-brand for you will have to do with how you choose to spend your time. It’s important to get in sync with how you want your days to unfold so you can reduce the stress of working against your nature. Determine your order of priorities when it comes to career advancement, personal care, family, recreation, entertainment, meals, etc., and decide how YOU want to make it all fit together.

  • Time Management and Time Allocation

  • Level of Busyness

  • Routines and Habits



While it may not be the most exciting topic, deciding who you are financially may be the most important element to figure out. After all, everything comes back to money…including your level of stress. Are you focused on long-term planning, short-term enjoyment, creating a nest egg, enhancing your home, expanding your wardrobe, dining, entertainment, philanthropy, travel, or what?

  • Budget Allocation

  • Charitable Contributions



Personal vitality can easily become an afterthought if our branding campaign doesn’t include health. Decide how active you want to be, if meal prepping is for you, how you feel about the gym, if you have diet goals or restrictions you need or want to follow, whether you are a person who tracks and monitors progress, etc.

  • Diet and Menu

  • Activity Level

  • Health and Fitness Trackers

  • Gym Membership


This list could easily be expanded but, hopefully, that’s enough to get you moving on your personal branding mission!


Get Help Restoring Your Original Vision

Obviously, we can’t help with every aspect of your life, but we can provide expert assistance to make your home or business match your brand. A lot of what we do is help clients reset their spaces to their original vision…after moves, clutter, and life obscured that vision. At a certain point, the road back can seem long and nearly impossible to traverse. But our team of professional organizers can make it a breeze to restore order. Contact Us if you want to make your home speak your language again!

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