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Element of Fun Organizing Featured on Redfin

In a recent Redfin article, The Ultimate Room-By-Room Decluttering Checklist, Jamie Forbes digs into the details of the decluttering process. He has gathered tips from organizing experts around the country to create a one-stop shop for guidance on managing clutter. I am flattered and grateful to be featured!

Decluttering Checklists

I am a huge fan of checklists and Redfin does a great job creating the "ultimate checklist" for dealing with clutter. This is what you'll find in the article:

  • Basics of Decluttering Checklist

  • Room-specific Checklists

  • Checklist for Sentimental Items

  • Checklist for Children

  • Maintenance Checklist

More About Me

I can be a little timid about sharing my successes, but since I'm allowing myself this moment in the spotlight, let me share with you an interview done by Voyage ATL. In 2020, I was recommended by the community to be featured in their publication. It was an honor, and I was excited to share my story with them. If you're interested, please give it a read.

At the time of the interview, I was still working in the Atlanta area. Since then, I have moved to Washington, DC, where I am fortunate to have quickly found solid footing for my business. We continue to grow and continue to be grateful.

Thank you!

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